Digital Citizenship Week at Timber Lane ES

October 16 - 20, 2023

By Jenny Collins
October 13, 2023

Students at TLES will be engaged in conversations and activities throughout Digital Citizenship Week. Continue the conversations at home with these tips:

  1. Balanced Screen Time: Encourage a balance between screen time, schoolwork, outdoor activities, and family time to promote overall well-being. Use the Family Tech Planner as you speak with your students about screen time.

  2. Parental Guidance: Speak with your child about  the importance of consulting with parents or guardians when using new apps or websites and seeking their assistance when needed.

  3. Privacy Awareness: Teach your students to safeguard their personal information and understand the significance of not sharing it online.

  4. Kind Online Behavior: Promote respectful & kind communication.

  5. Critical Thinking: Foster critical thinking skills to help students assess the accuracy and reliability of online information.

Empowering young students to use technology in a responsible, respectful, and balanced manner, sets the foundation for a lifetime of healthy tech habits.

Check out the Commonsense Media website for more information.

Reach out to Jenny Collins with any questions.